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The issue is complicated when we refer to the interests of the federal government, to solve the problems of this region of the country, many people can even say that the northeast should be more resigned to their condition, because they chose to live in a region of the country, which suffers from the conditions imposed by the climate, with dry spells of rains that last for months or years, and especially since always been aware of this condition, however, arguments of this kind only demonstrate the lack of knowledge of the individual who claims the fact a parents need to be populated by the nation in all regions, it is beneficial both to an individual and to every nation, because it stimulates economic development of the country, above all, would not be one of the nation rest of the law itself imposed on the northeastern citizens determining that itself or as you behave as the nation's predilection; The arguments do not justify the undeniable right of a person living under difficult or extreme conditions, comes from the perception that indeed, it is undisputed that there convivial impossibility that place, because there is no alternative to undo the difficulties, however, it all depends the individual perception of each citizen, to resolve the difficulties of a given problem, or of the federal, state or local government, since the moment I came technology to make extremely difficult and incredible works such as the Panama Canal, Suez Canal Power Plants and stressed - the potential of mankind to solve problems. The exemplification of the works encourage us to understand, that there was never a related analysis is possible, to make the transposition works of the  San Francisco River, up to this moment we are providing to this region the imposition of underdevelopment, and socializing with the very serious problems caused by the weather, like poverty, disease, rural exodus, loss of property, the periodic dependence nation's charity to fight hunger among other consequences arising from the drought, inherently humiliating situations the northeastern everyday.
   The course itself makes incontestable for a nation, it is expected that the government has the capacity to understand the problems, and solve them irrefutably competently, making living with the bearable or no difficulties, and it has a very important meaning, when we face all the consequences of this relationship, since the character of a person and their ability to cope with adversity, until the own nation's losses for the fact it is undeniable that watch the suffering of working people is not a pleasant fact; The reasoning cited calls on the conviction that "not disables what it is useful" as the intelligence of a person, or potential to produce a region or the nation, for economic development of a country, but also can not ignore that the same mentality, also deduces that does not encourage people to be dependent on the government or the nation, or the charity of any person when the individual has their own potential, to be independent and productive, even if the person does not get rich, you must make - it can be sustained.The policies of the Brazilian government to solve the proble but northeast, need to be definitive, without error and that provide a lot of profitability for the future, it must be a definitive investment benefiting the whole nation, but the trend will always be an omen of a new phase, forcing the government to spend again, with the solution of these problems, it has not to do with something not meant to last forever, conduct the San Francisco River water to the interior of this region means the beginning of a phase, which allows the northeastern be more productive, agriculture, livestock and also in other business niches, the basic elements for a great economic development always depended on the water as a precursor factor, because of man's dependence to live.
   The government of a country has an obligation to promote a policy of steady economic growth, it is respect for individual rights, established in the constitution of the country, however, the significance of this has not be only with the obligation to comply with WHAT required by law, it is obvious that stimulate citizen of a country, the feel good inside your own country, is also an irrefutable obligation that demonstrates the competence of government policies to society, to promote the social, political and economic development of the nation becauseIt is not an obligation of the citizen, comply with all the everyday adversities submissively and without challenges; The government's obligation to always invest in education, health and safety, are indisputable because it provides to citizens, the ability to understand the best way to live in a country, however, the foundation for a great economic development also depends on government projects, which triggers safely assured that there will be, it is possible to rewind, freeze or terminate the whole process of economic development promoted in the country. The PAC (the Economic Growth Acceleration Program), are useful throughout the country, however, situations consolidate solution definitely for the Northeast region, they should be considered priorities for all Brazilian citizens, because it completely extinguishes all the region's problems, and initiates a new phase of development for Brazil, or sets as the true phase of development of the country, providing the real economic growth that this country never lived, lends credibility to the concept is irreversible end of all problems, and especially promotes the concept that this country, this definitely fighting the basis of underdevelopment in Brazil, fact provides status before the Brazilian and the world, and to all investors on the planet, that any investment made in this country, will return on invested capital with much profit and security.

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