segunda-feira, 31 de agosto de 2015


   The human being has always been a species of decimator, experts on this subject always say this, however, the issue has not only to do with the preservation of the Amazon rainforest, say that every square meter cleared of a forest, also destroys the economy one country is the undeniable logic, considering exactly the numerous commercial niches, which may arise of a forest, a simple exemplification urges every relationship, a distance of a forest itself there is a plant with a substance capable of curing a disease at the time the forest, and exactly the stretch this plant being, it has a burned and no one know, the full potential of this plant means that the industry is losing a great opportunity to be used this substance, by producing drugs between other products, and undoing no possibility of a large, economic development in that region of the country, because of the destruction of a large area; The express comparison only part of the problem, the truth is that there are species that only live in some regions of a country, and the same fact occurs in forests, and in all countries of the world, therefore, consider the forest deforestation one indeed correct, without knowing the plant it is a destruction policy of the country's economy, many people consider only the extraction, would be the best way of developing a forest, however, there are many unknown substances that could be reversed in technology , industries and development of both a large region as the whole country, so the policy of economic, serves only to people who can not develop scientific knowledge.The same concept applies to agriculture and livestock in the forest, the analysis of the consistency of the presence of these commercial niches, is something that benefits only to refrigerators due to the need to be supplied, however, there is a contradictory theory that defines the following condition, farms are more useful to clear and make burned than employ many people, the truth is that a refrigerator employs more people, so only farmers in the Amazon region benefit than the entire Brazilian nation, and even pollute the atmosphere through the fires, only promoting their personal profit, and contributing to species destruction.

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