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    The article is a concept that the entrepreneur know understand, becomes applicable to any type of business, it would help both companies and society, because it would mean another type of job, and an important support for both companies profiting much as for people to have another way to support themselves honestly, just interpret the facts mentioned and puts them to be practiced.


  An idea came up when needs to be improved, is already sold many products through this business, there are numerous companies that work well in Brazil many families surviving from resale products are cosmetics, outfits, clothes and etc. The stimulus is exactly the fact that profit as well, and there is another important stimulus to profit on the work of a team, team members receive lowest percentages, usually up to the 5th generation, on sales of all members. It is important to emphasize that some companies are multinational, and do not prevent a seller, register people from other countries, making the training more interesting and profitable teams, considering the conditions of the country's economy, it is undisputed that the level of consumption of the products, may be higher than the own leader, the main stimulus of Multi Level Marketing is profitability and honesty, without these very important factors there would never be as much interest to be part of a team.
     You may find that Multi Level Marketing, is not safe to sell gold or silver jewelry, because of the possibility of being stolen, and therefore makes the idea impractical, however, there are several ways of sales that the seller does not even need to order products to resell, as for example with cosmetics in Brazil, the seller pays for the products through a bank, however, if he has some difficulty, he will not pay the debt and harm the company, however there are ways of payment as pay Safe and cards credit; The truth is that sales in these payment terms, makes the function of the smartest vendors, because it gives the seller the possibility to dedicate themselves to the act of selling, than allow it to have an obligation to perform duties that divert it gives possibility profit, since it can reach more customers, it is indisputable fact that all the damage that a company has this kind business, comes from the fact that the product payment forms, has no practicality. The credibility of a seller there because of their competence, honesty, product quality and company service gives customers be seller is an important profession, all goods to reach the customer, need to have a method of intelligent sales, and there are still some types of products, requires the presence of a seller to do it, because the refinement of the product itself, you can not compare the sale of gold jewelry or silver, real estate, cars with an ice cream, are types of different sales, precisely because of the values of the products.
     The method for client acquisition, the presentation of jewelry, how to register customer sales, are the responsibility of the seller, however, the work objects it to carry out the sales, are still the company has no obligation to provide, many cosmetics are sold through magazines, and also the jewels would not be different, it is also important to emphasize that many professionals have online shops to present the products, and only when the seller for record sales, he would use a company procedures; Sales methods to the jewels, will continue similar to the sales of several products through magazines with certain periodicity, and for each magazine would have a collection of different jewels, with news to stimulate sales, for all I emphasize a fact, the payment for the seller, is a commission on the value of each product sold, delivery of orders obligation of the company. I do not think it is difficult to profit honestly, when we use the mind to perfect smart ideas, and that benefits both a clientele that likes convenience, as there also numerous vendors interested in profiting from jewelry sales.

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