quinta-feira, 24 de dezembro de 2015



The feeling is amazing in enhances and strengthens, shows us that we are alive and full of sensations, when it is real is so strong that leads us to the most beautiful situations, it's so good to feel because it regenerates our strength, every moment has a indeed different in our lives, and this is important, we feel we can say that is good suffer for love, and Christmas is the demonstration that feeling, it was on this date that was born a beautiful love story, a perfect symbol God, a show of force the best feeling in the world, then, is the perfect time to feel the blessing that represent love, reinvigorating with all all the positive energy, which means this festive and dignified date of praise, we should always rejoice in the wise ideas, the positive symbols of life as Jesus, a clever idea always deserves attention of all, forget all the problems and share the love of this beautiful date.

This Christmas God bless you too

Merry Christmas to you

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