domingo, 22 de novembro de 2015


                                                                          Larry Edwards Hawkins

     Brazil has a long history of prostitution due to the low level of economic development in some regions of the country such as North and Northeast, many people like women and children, opt for prostitution as an option to have a form of cost-effective and continuous support, therefore proposes that the mentioned facts, encourage sex tourism in Brazil; The truth is exciting and requires attention and constant research to clarify the real reasons that favor their presence here, however, it is important to emphasize that the two regions mentioned are only exemplifications, because the presence of foreign sex offenders in Brazil, does not occur only in these regions, American pedophiles have been arrested in Rio de Janeiro and in southern Brazil, and can also can be cited, there is often the presence of dangerous American pedophiles in Brazil are people who also are on the FBI list and Interpol. A contradictory situation considering WHAT determines the Brazilian legislation for granting visas to enter Brazil, Law 6.815 / 80 on Article 7th stipulates that foreigners who have been prosecuted or tried for intentional crimes in other countries, are not entitled to get the seen, and foreign considered harmful to public order or national interests, and also ensure that no conditions satisfactory to the health conditions imposed by the Ministry of Health also can not enter Brazil.

   The problem is serious because it gives us no possibility of contact with harmful people, for the life of every innocent of this country, it is obvious that you do not know identify sex offenders and psychopaths, it is possible to deal with these people, and being victims of their violence itself becomes irrefutable enabling a traumatic experience, or irreversible, with crimes like rape, beatings and murders, and such an aggressive situation as the violence of the sexual act itself, are diseases that pedophiles may have, please so many venereal diseases, emphasize the AIDS; The fact itself becomes more severe because most pedophiles addition to having sex with children, filming sexual intercourse and sell to national and international porn sites, resulting in the existence of other crimes related to misuse of these images. An important fact should be emphasized, the films show violence of sex, and it should also be noted that the films are added in pornographic gay's movie pages, however, there are films only with sexual maniacs pedophiles, there are also ordinary people, including Brazilian and foreign celebrities, having sex with children.

   The sex of a child born with it, the fact that a boy be effeminate, does not define his sexuality because he does not know until adolescence the means of his own libido, therefore, the importance of a child know teenage sex, it is a Indeed that prevent it to grow without traumas and diseases, and the macula related to trauma, it is a fact that can lead her throughout her life, destroying his own life by driving their actions; The Sexual Freedom we have achieved, is and always will be a conscious act, a child has no maturity or malice, to interpret the violence may suffer, and does not know you defend, a fact that for an adult does not have the same meaning, is obvious that life is divided into phases, and maturity is a predominant word to anyone who has sex. The development of the body of a child, does not allow for her to support the sexual act, however, not everyone is convinced of this and create strategies to have sex with boys and girls, so we must consider that since we live with the risks posed by Brazilian pedophiles, the presence of foreign sex offenders in this country, is a damnable situation whose level of this immorality, increase the risks for children of this country are victims of terrible situations.

   An investigation to arrest pedophiles currently can not be done only through reports of expertise, it is necessary to investigate other pedophile filmed the sex act, and you would have sold for porn movies sites, the traditional way of investigating these crimes, might perpetrate other types of impunity, there are gangs stories of pedophiles both in Brazil and abroad, which in addition to practicing the crimes related to pedophilia, also sold movies and committed crimes in several countries, and not itself limited only to pedophilia committed kidnappings, murders among other crimes; Methods for Interpol to act to secure processed bandits or convicted in their countries of origin, are always grounded in the determination of the judiciary in each country, addressing the criteria determined by, the country of origin legislation to arrest a person in another country, a fact which is not always is possible, to streamline all procedures to do so, the judge necessarily need overwhelming evidence to determine the procedures. A fact that objectively influence the end of impunity, would be a world-class information system that would allow each country access it with the intention of obtaining the intrinsically important information to deny a visa to a foreign citizen, however, that this is possible, it is necessary to improve the methods of investigation, with the facts that have been cited, and consequently every time is identified, the auto crimes considered heinous and very serious, the alien would be deported to their country of origin.

   The impunity practiced by pedophiles, must be fought by all people, that you consider benevolent, altruistic and intelligent, we must unite with the intention of destroying and arrest the gang of pedophiles around the world, these problems do not belong only to the country where pedophiles has committed the crime, considering that everything has been published on the Internet, and people around the world can have access to these repulsive and criminal cases; The problem itself makes a personal choice combat pedophilia, there are innocent people on this planet who are unaware of the level of evil that is being practiced mainly Brazilian children and everyone denounce perpetrators of these types, are facts that prevent their performance anywhere gift world, and requires guile, technique and a lot of intelligence, a fact that not everyone can have, especially children. The obligation to combat pedophilia also means fighting for hypocrisy, because, the way such events are held in each country, we need to make the exchange of knowledge and techniques, disclose the atrocities made by these criminals and mafias, and protect all of society performance of them, for the act of you omit to do so can promote a massacre in the lives of innocents around the world.


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