sábado, 14 de novembro de 2015


Words are not lying when a person says, that children are the future of a country, more is better to say that they are the future of the planet, the truth is bigger than that, they are the future of any person on this planet, they are the exact statement that the future will always exist, and why they are worthy of all love, and deserve to be protected by anyone, they are beautiful because they are innocent and naive, they are true charms, and the biggest reason that demonstrates that they are the future of any person, is exactly why regardless of the nationality of an individual, we always know that humanity still exists ; Love is the essence of them, the ingenuity is a consequence of maturity, and pranks are the perfection of the stage who are in life, is nostalgic and irreversible, and yet we can say "Happy is he who could feel all phases of your life ", it decreases sadness at not being able to do more, the same things that a child can do. Love is an essence of human instinct, and who does not feel it is a fool for not trying to do it, or do not try to learn to do this, all the praises in love, are virtues that should be felt all day the meaning is so strong that when we refer to love, we must remember that many children are born as the fruit of love, just as the most perfect expression of a human being, a child is a loving memory of himself in the present.


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