sexta-feira, 30 de junho de 2017



     Freedom of Expression is a right established in the Constitution of a country, which assures you the right to think, have personality, intelligence, individuality and privacy, these are fundamental factors for the formation of a person, it is a zeal with your intelligence, dignity and Integrity, also watches over your right to believe in something; A fundamental fact so that you can feel people, this helps you as well as every nation, after all, "Encouraging the existence of intelligent attitudes helps all people, we evolve that way, assimilating and practicing intelligent examples with the actions of other people" , But when the information you get is false, or biased, that is, approaching a fact according to the preference of a person, group or company, it influences your opinions. By interfering directly in their behavior, and providing for you there is a possibility of committing, irreversible errors or terrible crimes, "The Truth has the power to destroy, and this is an undisputed fact, but the lie also has the same power" Combating information that exercises manipulative power in people's opinions with tendentious or deceitful lies is a fact that strengthens us because it encourages us to have our own integrity because it allows us to think, and to form our own opinions, any suitable person has intelligence To do so, it is enough to present a comprehensive truth about a fact, and the rest will be a normal consequence.
     The journalism of the Brazilian television stations, when presenting a report in a biased way, presenting the facts according to their preference, without comprehensiveness of the truth, or full evidence of their presence in the face, or even without the testimony of all People, involved in what they are reporting in the news, deceive their right to have opinions, is a habit of the press and do this often, the government also practices the same techniques, this is manipulation of public opinion; A demeaning and dissimulated behavior of this kind establishes hypocrisy as a species, a governing factor in the behavior of society, creates a level of influence in people's attitudes, capable even of electing crooked politicians, establishing what they want as the only coherent truth, and even destroying A country, is a system that perpetually perpetrates repeated techniques, maintains behaviors in people, and allows mistakes and crimes to be committed indefinitely, all practiced consciously for years in a row. The government theoretically would even have reasons to use these techniques because it prevents the emergence of violence in people because of the politics it practices and its incompetence, "The Executive, Legislative and Judiciary of a country, also believe in what strengthens them , And immunize them from all charges, because of the errors constantly committed against a nation. " Always remember that countries are a republic or a monarchy, so the concept mentioned refers to all the powers in a nation, after all all err constantly, therefore, try to disable the fury of every nation, prevents opposition to the Government, and any conflicts that may arise, because of companies, people or ideologies, if you want to know the truth, you should research personally, lay people, children and the mentally ill do not know how to do this, therefore, they are manipulative people Indiscriminately, and this is a perversity, but intelligent and sensible people, always try to learn to investigate everything without needing anyone, the sordid truths of life are not disclosed, and if you really want to know them, there are sites independent of people , Documentaries, Facebook pages and other social networks, including the Anonymous pages of cities, states or countries, divulge more truth, than the S governments, press or businesses, believe your Freedom of Expression is destroyed every day on purpose, so that you behave like a trained animal, and do not make trouble for anyone.
     The value of your Freedom of Expression is individual and untransferable, it is the best asset you can have, examples of good sense demonstrate this daily, you know that fire burns and kills, so you do not put your hand on fire, because you know how to interpret Meaning of logic, then, no one needs to be treated as an object by anyone, this is an extremely perverse crime, and concealed against you and the whole nation; You have intelligence and this needs to be respected, people who are presumptuous, pretentious, arrogant, proud, authoritarian, disingenuous, Machiavellian, or simply criminal in nature, people who believe their opinions are smarter than yours are also part And many of them, occupy positions that influence society and destroy intelligence and wisdom whenever they can manipulate you, you must learn to identify them not to destroy, because they care for their interests, and also because they do not There is no one on this planet, no one more interested in being good with yourself, and with others than yourself, therefore no one will care for you better than yourself. We need to learn to fight against the hypocrisies of everyday life for our own safety in the world and to teach laymen, naive and innocent to protect themselves, not to become victims of this kind of people, so that we can be as naive as anyone, and To be able to act and to walk quietly without the malice of the perverse people, tarnishing and destroying their daily life, just for the pleasure of doing, only for the pleasure of feeling the sensation of manipulating to you, because they believe that this is certain and intelligent, because supposedly they would be more Important to you, but they never gave you anything in your life, just enjoy your naiveté and lack of knowledge, about how perverse they are with you, and this is a system that continually works against you, that kind of Opportunism has always existed, and there is only way to destroy it is by knowing and fighting it, because otherwise it overwhelms and destroys you.



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