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     Nature has always been the best form of sustenance of humanity, it seems strange this affirmation, nevertheless, the history of humanity proves this fact, we evolved depending on the nature to feed us, to live and to live, therefore, the preservation of the nature is the preservation of the Human life on Earth, an indisputable fact that not everyone can accept or understand, "Nature is, has always been and always will be the best business of our planet," therefore, preserving it represents the conservation of everything that we are and we can evolve; The emphasis of this concept is clear, because we still depend a lot on it, all companies make a profit with some kind of raw material, to manufacture products to be sold, so when activists defend the end of deforestation, the fauna and flora Of the planet, besides mentioning there are situations with gigantic, destructive power for the Eco System, they are also defending the world economy and its own maintenance, and this is a situation neglected or ignored by everyone, from society, businessmen, rulers Of the world, do not assimilate the logic that this means. The defense of nature is an excellent business, which provides the emergence of companies, which establishes profit and economic development for a country, and provides the emergence of countless jobs, giving people the opportunity to sustain themselves, with intelligent projects of environmental preservation , It is possible to use and preserve it, however humankind may occupy areas that should be occupied by fauna and flora, it is an indisputable fact that every emphasis for environmental preservation must be eloquently and Persuasive, that provides profit for every society, it means that it has already become a fiction, or naivete to defend the preservation of nature, only with concepts of valuing life, or simply for its preservation.
     One fact is indisputable we are dependent on the existence of nature, because scientifically we have evolved just as there are all species of animals, this statement is so true, that the human race has developed with its own characteristics, according to their conviviality in each continent , Blacks do not have skin color that way by chance, this is a genetic adaptation that gives you greater resistance to live with the heat of the tropical and equatorial regions because the constant incidence of heat from the sun can cause diseases such as cancer of skin; So the statement that "Planet Earth is a living organism" is a true and undeniable justification, and the use of everything that nature can offer, in an indiscriminate manner and without compensation or restitution for nature, is a very serious mistake Which damages humanity and all kinds of life on the planet in an irreversible way, so it is not fiction, there is a statement by scientists about the greenhouse effect, the destruction of the Ozone Layer and any transformation that the planet Earth can pass, because Of global warming. An eloquent justification that has full proof requires everyone's attention to reverse a situation that is excessively unfavorable to all life on earth, we evolve and depredate nature, using everything that it offers without restoring it, contaminating the rivers, clearing the forests Even with burnings, in addition to polluting the atmosphere with harmful substances, for all the lives of this planet in an unfortunate way, because of the style of contemporary society we opted, totally dependent on the conviviality in the cities, and as in a system, we depend on the industries to work And sustain us, and countless companies produce products on a huge scale of production to meet the needs of society, yet many products produce the contamination of rivers and the atmosphere. 
     An honest opportunism to do business, also adapts to nature because it represents, the emergence of numerous types of companies and jobs, with specific action for each type of problem created, by the destruction of fauna and flora in each region of a country, is A true assertion that has never been analyzed, but it is rarely divulged; The fact is that there are many types of examples that can be used to justify this theory; if a forest is destroyed, without analyzing the impact of this fact, it will weaken the soil, and this can be detrimental to both agriculture and Because it can cause erosion, weakening of the soil for planting crops and destruction of springs, and the fact that some species of animals and plants may be harmed by living only in that region, but the damage to some types of plants is Worse when not analyzed, the benefits that the chemistry of this plant may represent for the pharmaceutical industry itself or other types of companies, because this also means the loss of the production of products, derived from that specific chemistry, and this represents the loss of An important knowledge that provides the emergence of technologies and jobs. The effect of the destruction varies according to a region, the importance of this has always been ignored, but the impacts for a country's economy are always strong and irreversible, considering that each generation of people loses when they coexist with the emergence of these problems, and The need to spend millions of dollars to reverse these situations that affect the daily lives of all impute the obligation to analyze how best to use the benefits that nature provides us.
     The emergence of the metropolises created a kind of degradation to irreversible, inconsequential and impressive nature, for many centuries they developed indiscriminately, until the emergence of problems that imputed the reevaluation, on the way a city should be built; The emergence of pandemics because of the lack of hygiene, since there was no concept of underground sewage networks, and this forced the administrators of the time to build sewage networks, sending the debris to the rivers of the city, however until today the use Of the rivers, are being used in a disorderly way. After all, cities have taken on enormous dimensions, giving rise to a new abominable problem, it would be intrinsically in every city in the world, to remake every sewerage in a way, which prevented sewage from flowing into rivers, a fact that causes disease, and There are also microbes that are aerobic and anaerobic, besides the terrible odor that the contaminated rivers acquire, plus a fact that also causes respiratory diseases, however, to undo this situation is a fact ignored, because it would be necessary to spend billions with works of this type, funds that It would be necessary to redo the concept of sending all kinds of sewage to the rivers, without any type of treatment and to send the sewage of the city, for treatment and then send them to rivers , Because the consequences of the current concept, also causes damages that obliges, the government spend millions to solve them per year, in addition this also represents the emergence of new technologies, companies and jobs.
     The cities coexist with all types of pollution, but air pollution affects the health of all residents, as well as the construction of many buildings, a situation that represents difficulty, for the movement of the wind in a city, traffic is a serious problem, because It releases into the atmosphere gases that provoke respiratory diseases and intoxication; One action that could reverse this situation would be to preserve the heavily forested cities because the trees make shadows, and this allows the cooling of the air, providing the emergence of winds inside the city, moving the air more easily, a situation that would allow the renovation Of the air in the city, this would dissipate pollution more easily. The geographic location and the relief of a city is a serious factor for it to have a very polluted air, however, the ideas presented and the invention of technologies like filters, for the exhaust of automobiles, that avoid the emission pollutants in the atmosphere , For automobiles and for industry, are certainly the best alternative, to improve the conviviality in a city, every concept is based on restitution theory, when something is taken from nature is necessary, to invent something to preserve it, there is humanity created inventions That pollute and destroy the planet, we are forced to invent technologies and concepts, that provides the nature there is possibility to continue existing.  
     Planting a tree per month is an important solution to preserve your life on this planet, and replanting forests is the solution to preserve the planet's fauna and flora, but it also means an excellent business for governments, businesses and people, planting seeds In plastic sacks to make seedlings, is not a business-only business; The fact can be made by anyone, and can be sold by creating another type of business, "Ecological Business" giving people a chance to have another way of sustaining themselves, "It is better to say that Person, "meanwhile teaching people the value of all these actions. It is a fact that stimulates the emergence of countless businesses, the government of a country needs this because it mobilizes the economy, and this favors a person to be able to consume products, a fact that represents for the government, the increase in the collection of taxes, And this also means a better surplus, and a country without economic crises, "Small businesses are also big business", so the preservation of nature should be treated as the best deal for anyone, because the concept is already used by countless People who support themselves, fishermen, hunters, farmers exemplify the condition, the most important fact is to teach them to do it in an intelligent, efficient and without degrading the environment, to give more knowledge to everyone, and the value it has These ideas should be treated as a nature preservation projects by each person, and the governments of this planet must be pressured, to disclose these types of business and projects, teaching society the value of these concepts, under these conditions all people must do The same condition, to always disclose these types of ideas and projects.


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