sexta-feira, 4 de novembro de 2016


     A picture with many people is always an interesting fact, especially because it shows how we are human, and how could we fit in very well, however, not all people think this way, it is indeed a matter of personality, and only this provides people there absurd opportunity to believe in, obsessiveness theories such as racism; This statement has a very intelligent logic, any theory that suggests racial superiority without clear proof that can strengthen it as genetics itself certainly demonstrates that underlies only outmoded theories, whereas the true characteristics, which value the individuality a person are not respected nor exemplified, and it is from this condition is that we can see, a condition of superiority among people, because the ability to perform duties is not equal for all, some people have more skills than others perform tasks and this is a genetic condition that values ​​the individuality of mankind. Theories that neither shall ensure Constitutional Rights as Equal Rights, Freedom of Expression and the of Movement rights could never be considered decent or intelligent, because they promote segregation, aggression and violence, because of the mentality that is practiced by people whose which become violent because of its own, perception of consistency on racist themes, therefore racism is not considered random crime, but because the consequences are terrible.  
     Racists can be dangerous people because of various reasons, personality, intelligence, aggressiveness and his ability to get along with society, are the main factors that determine this condition, itself a racist are an extremist, or a fanatic by theory, fatefully he is underhanded, devious, manipulative and also practices a slave mentality, innocent people of other ethnicities so aggressive, cruel and indistinct; A child may be a victim of intolerably violence, not mere compassion of his ingenuity, as the very layman at any age or sex, and the performance of such racist is always overwhelming if he has to coerce a person to prevail his version of facts not exitará nor will mere decency to choose lies, your posture will always prevail an attempt to slow you to climb an important goal, because for this kind of racist you are under us, so you do not deserve respect from anyone. The racist fanatic is a criminal closeted or compulsive, his cruelty has been identified in several cases, and its performance is always fraught with cruelty, he does not respect laws and behaves like a psychotic or neurotic, their determination for the actions are of a level relentless perseverance, and his violence cause irreversible trauma, "it is always necessary to be very intelligent and determined to fight this kind of racist" because their position to act against him, always requires a stiffer and versatile attitude. 
     The US has incredible examples of racist crimes, the truth is that Americans themselves have created a paradigm that underlies the following design "If the US is evangelical, is an incredible, kind and friendly person, however, it is not evangelical he is unknown, however, you are a racist fatefully is cruel, sly, Machiavellian, a coward that causes terrible massacres, "is a fact cited without exaggeration; The Ku Klux Klan was and the way it operates, marked the history of this country irreversibly, however, what it is more impressive is that there are still people who can believe that racism is a smart practice and demonstrates a superior version racial, however, the proof of American racists that would really superior intelligence is not a concern them, more of them affinity with the neo Nazism is an indisputable fact. The Ku Klux Klan theoretically no longer exists with the same name, however, is factitious that racist behavior is demonstrated, even with children of Brazilians US, there are reports of crimes committed with the children, which resulted in terrible deaths of children is obvious that it could not be different with men, after all the man did not pari children, so the development with feelings, is not the same woman precisely because it is instinctive to develop feelings in pregnancy is evident in many aspects of life, the woman in the world ever, had more affinity with feelings that man, "to believe in feelings is an attitude of rational people," you men want to behave in a loving relationship, as fertilising paltry it can do its duties in a family relationship, in giving him the obligation to bear a child.  
     Genetics in a loving relationship for racists, should be an important fact to dispel prejudices, however, for many racist Brazil is only a country of mestizos, and it directly influences a loving relationship, racist person is not interested, you the person he's getting involved, or had no involvement with other races; The most important fact is to practice paltry concept, consequently, the children may be victims of racism, and other crimes that have been committed by the father, how to kill the child, or abandons it in a forest for a predator to devour, or a snake bites to it, facts that can be searched on the National Geographic website, as well as other search engines. One fact is certain there genetically, proof that its genetically is better than anyone on this planet, or that their hereditary diseases would be better than anyone, however, none of these true values ​​and incontestable, are determining factors for that the children of a racist, deserves the love, protection and respect of the father, and this ignorant, repulsive and monstrous attitude, is enough reason for him to commit heinous crimes, with an unparalleled level of aggressiveness.
     Freedom of Expression and Equal Rights are not rights, which is won by merit because of your actions, you are born with these rights because they are smart, do not exist because of other people's generosity, it is an indisputable fact that the preservation of rights, gives you immunity to exercise their freedom, is the demonstration of their existence or simply haughtiness; Freedom of Expression is an unlimited concept considering that the act of thinking is actually this confined in his brain, however, has a very personal and indiscriminate effect, because it only depends on your own intelligence, therefore, independent intelligent people from any kind of oppression can yes, continue always thinking about the same theories, yet they are convinced, or are convinced that there are more clever ideas than what she herself believes with the right attitude, so a society that is not encouraged to discuss issues You can choose to practice attitudes and ignorant, aggressive and inhuman theories. It is important to encourage people to question the true values ​​of the theories than to impute them no obligation to practice them, and this makes us intelligent and independent, to identify the coherence of all actions, that makes us human, and he watches for Equal rights, therefore, who does not practice these actions can not be considered an intelligent and rational person, and certainly requires all mankind to behave aggressively and obsessively, banish humanity from all kinds of fanaticism, it is a duty of every intelligent person, and protects us from all the evils of the planet Earth.  



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