terça-feira, 20 de outubro de 2015


   The city of Rio de Janeiro is an amazing place, because of the natural beauty of forests, beauty of the beaches and the beautiful scenery, plus gives very history of parents who themselves intertwined with the history of the city, because this city was the capital of Brazil for centuries, from the time that Brazil was colony of Portugal until the 60's when the capital was moved to Brasilia, and how the whole city lives with the same problems in relation to all the great cities of the world, crime, urban development generally disorganized, poverty and wealth living together; The great cities of the world also live with a situation in common, a natural tendency for entrepreneurship, because of the need to move the local economy, and this usually attracts millions of people from all over the country for providing cities, both a impressive economic development, as the emergence of numerous problems for society. The problems are caused because of various reasons, from the personality of the people, and their inability to perceive great opportunities for work, but also by lack of opportunities that provide for a person the opportunity to support themselves honestly, but also because the inability of people to develop techniques that allow for the development of commercial niches and consequently create great opportunities for excellent jobs in addition to the illiteracy that is a fact, which is also considered an important precursor factor of poverty everywhere in the world.
   The Violence in the city of Rio de Janeiro, has different characteristics from other cities on the planet, the emergence of slums in the hills of the cities, is the main peculiarity of this situation due to lack of purchasing power for buying homes, in places planned by the city there was a disorganized and no sewage sanitation accommodation and conveyance of water for homes; The houses were built in places with danger to collapse because of rain or because of, the very condition on the house would have been built, close to the slopes of the city's hills. An environment for poor no mere performance of government presence, or planning engineers and architects to determine the best way to develop the place, the slums themselves formed indiscriminately and through invasions, in government areas or private property, reflecting the economic conditions of the country and residents while also providing the existence of crime, drug trafficking directly, and the absence of effective public security policies, which combat and limited to maginais of operation, and this allowed it to be established a marginalized slum dwellers in mind, moreover, emphasize that numerous public policies and social projects to improve the living in the slums of this city, are current facts that there a few years ago.
   Criminal actions taking place on Ipanema beach is immoral, this demoralizing the parents as you were a nation, that he punishes crime and all kinds illegality that can be practiced, however, no one observes the peculiarities of this problem; The poor when there is no prospect for profit honestly, as anyone opts for easy mechanisms that are available, it is instinctive and primitive to anyone, is a condition of human survival, however is part of the mind of man, look for alternatives, which replace its difficulties, the worse the effect it causes to society, each person judges the fact as his personality gives you possibility to do so, is a matter of knowledge and character, plus no one considers the difficulties that each person has, to develop profitable projects that give sustenance for a family, and especially when a country does not boast a pattern of steady development, suggested that people seek alternatives to cash. The fact itself becomes more complicated when there is a publicity being made constantly encouraging people to do courses and learn professions that give to people most likely to profit honestly, it is an indisputable fact "If you do not want to study at a university, and acquire a profession that helps you to sustain, there is no alternative but to take courses that give you a profession and fosters opportunities for profit, "it is mentality that is not stimulated constantly, and consequently, has allowed a marginalized conception remain in minds.
   The city of Rio de Janeiro will host the year 2016, the first Olympics in Brazil, and the fear that all events that occur on Ipanema Beach can happen, is something that should that intrigue every Brazilian, surely the government will make plans to contain these situations, using the Brazilian army to prevent violence; The events of this type always provides a specific plan, it is useful to give us no peace of mind, which does not itself become an embarrassment to the world, mainly because the amount of people may be higher than the number of inhabitants of the city, and this It is very important both for the economy of the country as the city itself, such events always greatly benefits a country, it is a fact that it always should be, because it mobilizes jobs and the economy, generating incredible possibilities for everyone. The Olympics express a very important status condition, promote the positive image of a country, but also demonstrate the ability of a country has to deal with everyday adversities in a city, you must make an advance planning campaigns to discourage the citizens of the slums of this city not to act with the aggressiveness that are used, it is an undeniable fact that it is necessary to teach citizens, constantly profit honest way, this is a way to prevent all forms of violence of a city or country.

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  1. I don´t know who translated this article from Portuguese to English, but it was badly done! It is almost impossible to understand.